Larson dominates opening round of Women’s Nationals

Larson dominates opening round of Women’s Nationals

Jun 3, 2014

Round 1 Women’s West National Series Presented by TrimFX Sign and Design

At 15 years old, Kennedy Lutz from Saskatchewan looks to be the next top Canadian at the Women's Nationals.

At 15 years old, Kennedy Lutz from Saskatchewan looks to be the next top Canadian at the Women’s Nationals.

Round one of the Canadian Women’s West National Series kicked off this weekend in Nanaimo, BC. We had a great turnout with 25 riders at the gate, perfect weather and a lineup of spectators. Although Hailey Larson went 1-1 and claimed both holeshots it looks like she will have her work cut out for her this year.

The new rookie on the line Schrader’s Yamaha TLD rider Kennedy Lutz was able to stay ahead for the first couple laps in Moto 1 but a couple little mistakes in corners left her a few seconds behind the reigning champ finishing with an impressive 2-3 for 3rd overall at her first Canadian Women’s National event.  Cycle North rider Sara King had her best results to date as she finished 3-2 for 2nd overall, she wasn’t far off the pace of the leaders so we shouldn’t be surprised to see Sara on the box at each round to improve on that national number 5 from last season. Larrisa McGlynn had a great battle with Sara in moto one, but unfortunately had a bad start in the second moto and made a mistake of jumping on a medic flag which cost her ten positions. She is on the gas this year and we should expect to see some good battles with her and Sara King at the upcoming rounds. Brittney Danyluk looked good, was jumping everything and managed to get a solid 5th in the first moto, but unfortunately jumping on a medic in the second moto cost her several positions.  Summer Knowles and Jamie Munro were also charging hard and rode consistent races which landed them on the podium in 4th and 5th. Make sure to check out round two of the Women’s West Series on June 7th in Kamloops, B.C.

Round 1 CMRC Western Canadian Women’s Nationals 
June 1, 2014, The Wastelands, Nanaimo BC

1. 1W Haley Larson YAM 1-1
2. 5 Sara King  HON 3-2
3. 44 Kennedy Lutz  YAM 2-3
4. 441 Summer Knowles HON 6-4
5. 8 Jamie Munro  KTM 9-5
6. 25 Danika White  KTM 8-8
7. 9 Bailey Pozdnekoff KAW 11-6
8. 4 Larissa McGlynn  KTM 4-14
9. 6 Brittany Danyluk  SUZ 5-15
10. 39 Daniell Pettis KAW 10-13