Gopher Dunes Season Opener

Gopher Dunes Season Opener

Apr 20, 2017

Gopher Dunes Sunday April 23, 2017. Open practice will run on Saturday from 11:00am to 5:30pm.
The time is finally here. I hope your bike is shining, gear is crisp and new, and YOUR transponder is renewed and fully charged.
It all happens Saturday night with sign in at the CMRC red administration trailer between 6pm to 9 pm.
Sunday morning sign in from 6:45am to 8:00am SHARP!! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN ON TIME TO AVOID A DELAY IN THE DAYS EVENTS.
Riders meeting at 8:15am. All riders must attend riders meeting.
8:30am will be first practice. Practice will end at 9:15
Don’t be left standing in the line frustrated, get your license in advance by going on line at and go to memberships, or by contacting and she will take care of your needs in regards to your racing license.
A CMRC license is $140.00. The family deal is the first two are $140.00 each then $70.00 for each additional family member residing at the same address.
Gate are open at 5pm.

Gate fees are as follows:
CAMPING $15.00 per camper
Gate fee is $10.00 for the ages of 8 and up.
Free of charge for those under the age of 7.

Entry fees: 

1st class. 35.00
2nd class 30.00
3rd class. 25.00
Small track entry fees: 
1st class 30.00
2nd class’s 25.00
Free Day pass will ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO RIDERS WHO HAVE NOT RACED BEFORE. Your name will be checked on our day pass list from the past two years. Rider will only pay entry fees. The rider will be a part of the day’s awards but NO SERIES POINTS will be claimed unless ungraded to a full license by the end of the day and SERIES points will be added in.
Day passes are available for those not wanting a license with the fee of $25.00. plus entry fees. Once again, NO SERIES POINTS for the day of racing but will be part of that day’s wards. If you’re wishing to upgrade by the end of the day then your day pass of 25.00 will go towards your 2017 license and you will receive series points.
Scoring is hard enough so please make sure your transponder is working properly, and the numbers on your bike and jersey/chest protector are big enough to see. Please make sure your transponder is renewed and charged. If you have any problems renewing, please contact CMRC will have a limited number of transponders for rent. Their availability will be on a first come first serve basis. The rental fee per transponder is $25.00. A credit card is required to ensure the return of the transponder.
See if you have what it takes to be the CMRC rider/sportsman/future star or even family of the year. These are just a few of the titles to claim.
For additional information or questions, please contact me directly at
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the races for what is going to be another outstanding year.
Please note: We apologize, but there will not be a debit machine available at the track to pay for entry fees or your license.
See you at the races.