ATV Ontario Prizing from KYMCO, Royal Distributing and Yamaha


Long time supporter KYMCO Canada joins us again on the Mini Track.  Kymco Canada believes no mini rider should go home empty handed and is back again with the participation awards. For those of you who haven’t seen them, just keep an eye on our future racers.
Look at the cool “Dog Tags” hanging from their necks, off rear view mirrors or just around their girl friend’s or boyfriend’s necks. They’re not for everyone. They’re just for the cool ones. Thanks again Kymco!!!

In addition to contributing to the purse, long time CMRC supporter, Royal Distributing, is once again offering “Royal Bucks” to those travelling farther than 250km to this weekend’s event at Paisley R.A.T. Track.  Each racer who travels more than 250 kms to participate will receive a $20.00 gift card redeemable at any of Royal Distributing’s 4 locations or  Royal Distributing can drop ship right to your door, sometimes just the next day.  What a great way to support 2 & 4 wheel CMRC racers.  Please remember to also support those who support you!!!  Join the Royal Distributing mailing list or join them on Face Book as they have lots of great stuff coming for 2013.

Yamabucks is back for the 2013 CMRC ATV series Champion
Yamaha is once again committed to their loyal customers and CMRC ATV.  It’s a nice way for Yamaha to say “thanks for owning and supporting Yamaha”,
“What is unique about ‘Yamabucks for You’ is that, for the racing portion of the program, amateur racers may not even need a podium finish to reap the rewards.  For instance, if a racer finished 15th but was the third finishing Yamaha in the class, the racer would still qualify for a Yamabuck.”. “It’s a way for Yamaha to say thank you to many of the customers who have chosen Yamaha and help support them, if even just a little, at the track.”  Have a look at the whole program at
The Sportsman Class, nick named the ‘blaster class’, the ‘raptor class’ or the ‘Yamaha class’. Normally with a full gate of 15 to 20 ATV’s is almost 99% Yamahas.  Well surprise! For you CMRC racers on a Yamaha ,in the Sportsman class ONLY look forward to these rewards at the end of the season:

1st  Place   $250.00 in Yamabucks
2nd            $200.00 in Yamabucks
3rd             $150.00 in Yamabucks
4th             $100.00 in Yamabucks
5th               $75.00 in Yamabucks
6th               $50.00 in Yamabucks
7th               $25.00 in Yamabucks
8th               $25.00 in Yamabucks
9th               $25.00 in Yamabucks
10th              $25.00 in Yamabucks

For the remaining ATV classes:
1st place      $75.00 in Yamabucks
2nd place     $50.00 in Yamabucks
3rd place      $25.00 in Yamabucks

The overall results for 2013 ATV series championship will be determined at the last race off the season and Yamabucks will be awarded.