Atlantic MX


Atlantic Region Series

Saturday, May 6         River Glade, NB
Sunday, May 21          Mill Hill, NS
Sunday, June 4           Miller Meadow, NS (B Race no points)
Saturday June 10        Port Elgin, NB
Sunday, June 25         Pleasant Valley, NS
Sunday, July 16           Mill Hill, NS
Saturday, July 22        Pleasant Valley, NS
Sunday, July 23           Pleasant Valley, NS (Pro National)
Saturday, July 29        River Glade, NB
Sunday, July 30           River Glade, NB (Pro National)

August 3-5                     CMRC Eastern Canadian Amateur Nationals (ECAN) – Deschambault, Quebec

Sunday, August 13         Pleasant Valley, NS

August 17-20                  CMRC Grand National Amateur Championships – Revelstoke, British Columbia

Saturday, Sept. 9            Port Elgin, NB
Saturday, Sept. 16          River Glade, NB
Sunday, Sept. 17             River Glade, NB (Moto for the Cure)

Rain Dates
All rain date will fall on the next available open weekend.

Gate Fees
$10 Camping Fee everyone pays
Adults $10
Child 6-12 $5
Under 5 Free

Registrations Fees
Transponders Price and Rental to be determined early January
Single Moto Class $25
Two Moto format $35
Three Moto format (Pro) $45
$10 late fee per class if not registered before rides meeting.

Pay Classes: Intermediate, Pro and Youth
Note: No class refunds once practice starts


Registration Night before 7pm to 9pm

Registration: 7:00AM
Riders Meeting 8:00AM
Practice: 8:30AM (8 min each)

1. All Intermediate and Pro
2. Junior- Red and Green Bikes
3. Junior- Yellow, Orange, and Blue Bikes
4. All 65cc Bikes
5. All Beginners, Vet Junior and +40
6. All 80cc Bikes (depending on numbers refs discretion)
7. All Intermediate and Pro
8. All ATV’s
9. All 50cc (depending on numbers refs discretion)

IMPORTANT NOTE: First lap in every practice is a slow lap.

Race Program: 10:00AM

1. MX2 Junior Qualifier 1 (top 18 advance) IF NO QUALIFIERS NEEDED 1ST MX2 MOTO
2. MX2 Junior Qualifier 2 (top 18 advance)
3. MX2 GP Pro and MX2 Intermediate
4. ATV
5. Ladies and +40
6. 50cc Minis 7-8
7. 50cc Minis 4-6
8. 85cc 12-16
9. 85cc 7-11 and Junior Ladies
10. Vet
11. Youth Class (14-30)
12. School Boy
13. All Beginners
14. MX1 Junior
15. MX2 Junior LCQ (top 4 advance)
16. 65cc
17. MX1 Pro and MX1 Intermediate
18. Super Mini
19. GP Junior
20. ATV
21. 50cc Minis 7-8
22. 50cc Minis 4-6
23. Youth (14-30)
24. School Boy
25. Vet
26. 85cc 7-11 and Junior Ladies
27. 85cc 12-16
28. MX1 Pro GP and MX1 Intermediate
29. MX2 Junior Main Event (double points) if qualifiers needed
(2moto if no qualifiers)
30. 65cc
31. Ladies and +40
32. MX1 Junior
33. MX2 Intermediate (run alone)
34. All Beginners

Int. and Pro Classes run 12 Min. plus lap, all others run 8 Min. plus lap.